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The Audacity To Run

Photobucket My Special Guest on the next Let’s Talk Africa is Clement Esebamen, set to make history as the first Nigerian born to run for Senate seat in Dublin West Constituency, Ireland. Esebamen is the Executive Director at Ireland West Africa Business Council (IWABEC). He was appointed to the Irish Central Government as Senior Policy Adviser at office of Minister for Integration. Also, he was a Special Adviser to Minister in Departments of Justice, Education and Community becoming the first immigrant to hold such position. Esebamen was Ireland Coordinator for European Commission Project on Integration and Participation of Immigrants. Deputy leader of Ministerial Delegation to European Council (French Presidency 2008), Ministerial Delegation to Nigeria (March 2009) and Trans-Atlantic Council on Migration, Long Island, NY. Please join me next week Sunday, 03/06/2011 at 5:30 pm, EST (US. One Love!

Lets Talk Africa 3/6/2011 – AfriQtalk | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio.

Nigerian runs for Parliament in Ireland

Nigerian born Clement Esebamen is set to change the political landscape of Republic of Ireland. Election will be held this Friday, February 25, 2011. Esebamen is running for one the seats in Dublin west constituency for the Irish Parliament called Dail Eireann which was dissolved 1stFebruary after the collapse of the coalition government. Ireland like the United Kingdom operate the parliamentary system from where members are chosen to form a government as Ministers. If elected, he becomes the first African to be voted into the highest organ of Irish government. It won’t be new to Esebamen who has continued to set a number of firsts in the Irish nation.

Esebamen has lived in Ireland for 12 years and before his advent into politics, he had served as  Senior Policy Advisor to the Departments of Justice, Education and Community, as Special Adviser to previous Irish Ministers for Integration in the outgoing government. Providing specialist advise and policy options to multiple government departments, setting out a national framework on Integration, as agreed in Programme for Government 2007.

As part of a team of public officials developing policy and establishing a new government unit to address a cardinal social policy area of paramount societal interest. He  built consensus amongst disparate groups of stakeholders and also achieving the political consensus necessary to retain and progress government interest, and in outlining new costs -based proposal in times of massive economic uncertainty. The government published his policy document, Migration Nation in 2008.

From Uromi, Edo State and educated at University of Benin, with a BSc 2.1 Degree in Political Science as top graduating student. Esebamen moved to Ireland in 1999 obtaining a Masters in Economic Development Studies from University College Dublin in 2002. He is now completing  the Doctorate in Governance Programme at the School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast. He previously for and worked for 8 years in West Tallaght, Dublin with communities experiencing disadvantage having been employed by Dodder Valley Partnership where he rose to the position Equality & Diversity Coordinator.

After a decade in community sector in South Dublin leading innovative projects at local, national and EU level, he was appointed to the Irish Central Government as Senior Policy Adviser at office of Minister for Integration; he was Special Adviser to Minister in Departments of Justice, Education and Community becoming the first immigrant to hold such position. Esebamen was Ireland Coordinator for European Commission Project on Integration and Participation of Immigrants. Deputy leader  of Ministerial Delegation to European Council (French Presidency 2008) and Ministerial Delegation to Nigeria (March 2009) and Trans-Atlantic Council on Migration, Long Island, NY

Esebamen has been a major talk point in Ireland and most especially his constituency for having the audacity to run in a constituency that parades top Irish politicians and the current Minister of Finance. Esebamen has been discussing his plans in the Irish Dail and has even invited politicians to steal his ideas. Among an articulate policy document to get Ireland back to her glorious years are; Guided by principles, and passion for service, he is born to run.

Save Our Plateau

Dickson Iroegbu, is the  author of  “SAVE OUR PLATEAU”, Nigeria‘s most anticipated contemporary literary masterpiece of a sublimely rich, evocative and timely collection of Poems.  The movie director joined Nollywood in 1997, turning out scripts that became blockbusters, won Best Director at the first African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA). His turning point in his career came in 2001 when he directed a film entitled ” Days of Glory”. The multiple award-winning writer is also, a poet.

Save Our Plateau is a great read, it draws attention to the values inherent in the entertainment industry, and  Dickson’s love for his country, Nigeria. In my interview with Dickson, we talked about the ongoing ethnic crisis in Jos, President Goodluck Jonathan, President Barack Obama, Nigeria in 2011, challenges and his new found ………? Well, your guess is as good as mine! Take a listen.

In this Photo: Dickson Iroegbu

First sound tracks used in recording of the show, entitled “Fast Life” was provided by Yunghussle, 9jia, an  up and coming hip hop artist for more information visit  Second sound track, entitled “Rhema” was provided by Echo-Elijah, Afro Pop group from Ghana.


Mirror Boy was one of the highly anticipated movies in 2010, starring Genevieve Nnaji. Great movie, as seen through the eyes of a London-born 12 year old boy, by the name Tijani. The synopsis of the movie goes like this:  Tijani, gets involved in a street fight in which a boy is hurt, convinced that Tijani needs discipline, Teema, his mum decides to take him to the Gambia to live with her sister.

On their arrival in Banjul, Tijani encounters what he considers to be a simple apparition- a boy smiling at him in a mirror and vanishing afterward. However, seeing the same boy in a crowded street market the next day sets in motion a chain of events that culminates in him getting lost. While the panic-stricken Teema struggles with the Police Force to find her son in an intriguing game of survival brinkmanship, Tijani is left alone in the company of the enigmatic MIRROR BOY who is only visible to him. As a bruising spiritual rite of passage, the Mirror Boy takes Tijani on a magical journey through the dark belly of the forest.

Facts About the Movie

The Venue of the movie was originally set for Nigeria,  but was later moved to Gambia because the Cross Rivers State Government was unable to provide the Nollywood film company with competitive rates and logistics to shoot the film in Nigeria. Miraculously, from nowhere, the Gambian PresidentYahya Jammeh, a big fan of Nigerian movies came to the rescue. According to sources, President Yahya Jammeh, could not hide his love for one of the actresses, who featured in the movie, London based Gambian, Fatimah Jabbie, also, a deal broker between then president and Nollywood. President Yahya Jammeh,  gave close to  300,000 pounds sterling to the movie industry in Nigeria, amidst the face of massive unemployment and economy hardship in his country. But not so fast! The President ensured that Gambia’s beautiful landscape and culture was captured in the making of the film and that the trailer movie met the deadline for a state function in Gambia. Now that’s what I call, movie of the year!

The movie was produced by OH Films in association with The Nollywood Film Factory. Starring Genevieve Nnaji, Osita Iheme, Edward Kaguzuti, Fatime Jabbe with Victor Carvahlo, John Charles Njie, Momodu Musa Cisse and Felix Cisse.

Go check it out on DVD!

In this Photo: Gambian President,  Yahya Jammeh

Nigeria Healthcare Crisis?

The vast majority of Africans in the diaspora cannot afford to pay for health care due to problems such as poverty and hunger. The World Health Organization‘s definition of health is not merely the absence of disease but the attainment of a state of physical, mental, emotional and social well being.

To sustain a healthy economy and steady economic growth, Nigeria needs a functioning health care system from the federal, state, and local government. Healthcare should be considered a national emergency because is in crisis. Access to quality healthcare is Nigeria is either limited or nonexistent, and people die of minor illnesses that can be prevented with healthy life style and/or health education.

  • The life expectancy of the country is low and about 20% of children die before the age of 5.
  • The 2000 WHO report on the performance of health care systems rank the country 187 out of 191.

Please take a listen to my panel of  expertise: Dr Olayiwola Ajileye, specialist in Psychiatry/Mental Health in the United Kingdom. Also, a Publicity Coordinator of Champions for Nigeria, and Omoh Tsatsaku Ojior, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Political Science Executive Director/CEO of Onima Institute, Atlanta, GA, as we tackle Nigeria Healthcare Crisis. Enjoy!

Nigeria Speaks “THE ROAD TO RECOVERY” An Open Invitation.

Dear Nigerians, elections will be held 04/2011 in Nigeria, how informed are you about the candidates? AfriQtalk Show will be presenting a special edition “entitled Nigeria Speaks “THE ROAD TO RECOVERY” with focus on Youth Development to discuss the following:

  1. Job Preservation and Creation
  2. Infrastructure Investment
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Retirement, Welfare and Pension System
  5. Voting Recommendation & Solution
  6. Socio-economic Issues
  7. Public Education School in the 21st  Century
  8. Politics
  9. Epidemics
  10. Science and Technology


To engage citizens in governance, constructive and meaningful dialogues, regardless of party  bipartisan or non-partisan to bring about:

  1. Innovative ideas
  2. Transparency
  3. Problem solving skills, and
  4. Government Strategic Planning and Direction


To  engage Nigerians and friends of Nigeria in a Strategic Outcomes-Oriented Discussion in collaboration with local youth serving organizations, including nongovernmental organizations, government agencies, private businesses, and education agencies to provide resources for Youth Development Programs, and opportunities to enable grass roots nation building process with the premise that Government alone cannot solve all social and economic issues.

AfriQtalk Entertainment is committed to providing three hours a day, five days a week of air time to organizations who are interested in becoming a guest and/or presenter of Nigeria Speaks “THE ROAD TO RECOVERY”  show. Also, the platform will be used to talk about their causes and/or vision for Nigeria based on the above range of topics, in addition to other topics of discussion.

Organizations or representatives will be contacted about available dates and time for the show. For more information, e-mail me at Please note that other availabilities is based on first come, first serve basis!


AfriQtalk Management

Little Known African History 101

Do you know that Late Chief Anthony Enahoro‘s mother and Archbishop Olubumi Okogie were born of the same father, King Ogbidi Okojie 1 of Uromi Royal Dynasty Archbishop Olubumi Okojie (as his mum is yoruba, letter ‘g’ is always put in place of letter ‘j’ so it is always spelled Okogie, but both names are from the same family). AfriQtalk © 2011

When Times Comes

When time comes, I’ll comfort you

Because God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind

When time comes, I’ll be your strength

For he will not give you more than you can endure

When time comes, I’ll be your shield

Trust in God and he will answer you

When time comes, I’ll be your inspiration

Be strong, my beloved and prayerful

When time comes, I’ll be your rock

Let not your heart be troubled

When time comes, I’ll reason with you

Remember, when calamity comes the wicked tremble and suffer

When time comes, I’ll encourage you

Even in death the righteous will find refuge that this world could not offer

When time comes, I’ll teach you

The one thing that binds us together is love

When time comes, I’ll nurture you

Your memory will forever remain

When time comes, I’ll lead you

And I’m thankful for the unconditional love you gave

When time comes, I’ll be with you

And guard you through hills and mountains of life

When time comes I will carry you

And be at peace knowing that you fought the good fight of faith

AfriQtalk © 2011

I Have a Dream Nigeria


By Princess Asha

I have a Dream Nigeria that there was a rebirth of conscience in our leaders, both the young and old alike came out of the wilderness in solidarity and became the new face of nation building.

I have a Dream Nigeria that we were no longer defined by ethnicity, corruption, radicalism or religion but by heroism and patriotism.

I have a Dream Nigeria that the tears and pains of our motherland gave birth to a new nation, our land flourished once again with resources, innovation and technology to heal, feed and provide for the poor, and destitute.

I have a Dream Nigeria that the conscience of Nigeria returned back to Nigerians and that the oppressed and forgotten danced to the sound of freedom, equality and justice for all.

I have a Dream Nigeria that change may not come easy,  and will come at a cost or perhaps, may not happen in our life time, but because the young and old dare to dream dreams of a better tomorrow, Nigeria will wake up from its sleeping slumber by kiss of destiny, and that history is waiting on you to be written.


AfriQtalk © 2011