By Dickson Nnamdi Iroegbu

Is there anyone left in our land like Ojukwu? Is there anyone in the STATE OF THE RISING SUN who can uphold the values of our Clan like IKEMBA? In the giant of Africa, who amongst our present leaders will attest to the test of times like EZEIGBO GBURUGBURU, holding on tenaciously to morality and uprightness to the very end; refusing to compromise for immediate crumbs from corruption and power drunkenness? The irked vacuums the Troy and our IKEMBA sleeps! Is there anyone left?

In the Biafra uprising he never came to bow, he came to conquer! Jolted and willing, recruiting combatant ready and available army of the people, hoisting the flag with the RISING SUN reinvigorated all and sundry, the anthem inspiring and re-engineering hurting hearts, consoled by an ebullient orator. The perception by any that your love for Nigeria is monetarily induced may provoke a reawakening to revolt against the land again and again. Is there anyone left? Questions in quests of honest answers as DIM will give. Is there anyone left?

He refused to be the dumpy in the history books of past glory. What does it matter anyway, there is nothing to lose or gain; the land is desiccated, lacking men with character and purpose like IKEMBA. Have we lost it all to a glorious misadventure to nationhood? Is our blood and sweat garnishing the GIANT OF AFRICA without any meritorious appreciations? Will our commitment and loyalties be ridiculed with borrowed robes of ignominy? Is there anyone left?

My mother was only six years old when IKEMBA made public his escapes as we lost patriots and loved ones to the cold hands of death caused by neighbors of yesteryear. There was a river flowing eastwards, a river of the blood of Ndi-Igbo, flowing towards the sustenance of Nigeria. And a cry from that river emanated in our hearts the picture of a wailing child whose glorious dreams are punctured in the womb of a pregnant mother; both slaughtered in the land they are told is their fathers. That cry so loud it came, evacuating sleep and peace! Is there anyone left?

Where did we go wrong? CHUKWUEMEKA arose to the demands of that cry, brandishing his gallantry and skills, the peoples General chanted for the STATE OF THE RISING SUN where Igbo’s rightly belong. EZEIGBO GBURUGBURU called for the STATE OF BIAFRA immediately and we went to war! Is there anyone left?

At least down there in Biafra we would not have been hounded by our acclaimed Neighbors; life would not be snuffed out of defenseless people; women and children by senseless blood thirsty demons in the name of tribalism. Is there anyone left?

Arise and shine you proud citizens of the State of the Rising Sun! Our love for Nigeria was rewarded with hatred by our Neighbors. We have moved to every part of this country Nigeria and developed everywhere without fear or Favor, yet, none of our supposed brothers and sisters or their children can proudly say they have any meaningful investment across the Niger Bridge. Some of our sons and daughters may have desecrated the land, but home is always sweet-home. Is there anyone left?

As IKEMBA sleeps, the elders of our clan must be reminded that these seven important needs of mankind shall keeps us awake; RELIGION, EDUCATION, MONEY, HEALTHCARE, FOOD, INFORMATION AND PROTECTION. Adieu! Adieu!! ODIMEGWU adieu!!!


  1. Julian Osadolor

    Good piece ,but can´t we just let the death of Ojukwu put an end to the call of Igbo unity?and rather focus on the more immidiate problems facing Nigeria as a whole?.Let us put the past behind us and continue to live as one people.Untill we learn to this ,we shall still be wallowing in the problems we are now even for many years to come.
    Ojukwu ,though an igbo man ,his recent dealings was not only for the Igbos rather for all Nigerians who are on the base of the pyramid.

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