Lineo may be pretty young, but he has come a long way and anybody neck-deep into Nigerian Hip-Hop scene would definitely not find this name strange.

Adekoya Adegboyega Fondly called Elepepe Master  for his somewhat successful single ‘After-party Obombo’and ‘Funky High’ which still make their fair share of rounds in Lagos’ Night clubs from Liquid Lounge in Ikeja all the way to Jay Jay Okocha’s Club 10 on the Lagos Island.

His charming looks, flamboyant accessories and electric dance steps stand him out. But it does not stop there as his brand of music is in itself revolutionary to say the least! Many of his enthusiasts believe he is slowly but surely forging a niche for himself by inventing a brand new genre of music self-branded ‘Afro Hip


This genre simply put is a mishmash of Afro beats, Funk and House! Now when you thought that was all; the above combination is fused with percussion and vocal effects! Sounds nerdy right? Well, in simple English, it’s a brand of music which intoxicates your brain, excites your ears, fires up your reflexes and electrifies your body!

Afro Hip House is sophisticated, sexy, provocative and stylish; it fuses African and European, urban and traditional, Afro-pop and Sangoma trance. It is hip, flash and proudly African. Experts agree that this new Nigerian genre spearheaded by Lineo is ideal for night clubs just like its close European cousins- Funk, Urban music and Dancehall!

Lineo- The Elepepe Master!

Because of these unique qualities and African blend, Lineo’s music tickled the Fancy of renowned America tabloid Metro which commented on one of Lineo’s performances in New York; “This is an audacious and wildly energetic fusion of the urban and traditional genres. It is an explosive night that will have the whole house on its feet and shaking their stuff… this exuberant show – part club night, part musical – is as much fun as you can have in a church hall before midnight.” – Metro Cruise Nigeria celebrates the immense creativity of the young musical genius who prides himself with being the founder of the genre of music. And he’s not stopping there! Besides largely successful tours abroad, Lineo has made impressive club tours in Lagos and uses social networks like Twitter and Facebook to pave the way for himself by inspiring social change and increased awareness to his brand of music.

LINEO and Tuface during the US tour And to wrap it up, this Online Music Marketing Genius revealed exclusively to Cruise Nigeria that he has just closed a digital distribution deal with Universal Music! And this young man doesn’t stop there; he has etched his name in the annals of history as being the first Nigerian Hip Hop Artist to perform at the New York Apollo theatre! Adding to this impressive resume, this hardworking lad has done songs with African musical Giants Tuface (Feel it in 2009) and Dagrin (Show me the money in 2010) as well as a successful US tour in 2009 alongside Olu Maintain, another US tour with Tuface in 2010 and bagging the prestigious ICON AWARD for Nigeria most promising artist in 2008.

The intimidating list of accolades goes on and on, but suffice it to say that Lineo who is currently in the United States of America performing at the Miami House Music Festival is a huge ambassador for exemplary Nigerian behaviour and artistic ingenuity in the world stage.

Below are a few of his songs which you can click to download