The “Mad’ Dictator’s Pleasure


Long speeches and a silent audience are the hallmark of my magnetic atmosphere.

I come to you with great concern, for this tide we must address; for its time has come.

My appearance may not be pleasing to the eyes, but make no mistake I control the Army to my right.

Long speeches this crowd must stand to give an ear, though under this hot tropical sun rays your weathered skins must bear.

Though you curse me in the silence of the night.

Our confidence is challenged, our budget is small, my resources are limited, and to the East and West we have become the center of attention.

My real weapon may be my idea logy, wrong as it may appear; for I want nothing else to compare.

Loyalty is to my country, though i may part with some natural resources in late night Ambassador four course dinner discourse.

My spoken words are out of anxiety, so please contemplate automatic alacrity and make no light of our austerity.

Your silence is a testimony to your attention to this tale of a story.

Tonight at your Family dinner tables you will wonder about my policies, yet at this moment your ears hear me out while your frame of mind is my point of reference.