Repositioning Africa in the 21st Century

After building a career in entertainment, and media for ten years, Amb. Princess Asha Okojie’s path turns to Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)

Amb Princess Asha Okojie hails from a long line of political and social leaders. She is the descendant of the Esan monarch King Ogbidi Okojie of the Uromi dynasty (1857–February 3, 1944), who is still renowned for his resistance to British control in what is now Edo State, Nigeria. She is also the niece of late statesman Chief Anthony Enahoro, who began the self-government movement in 1953 that initiated Nigeria’s independence on October 1, 1960, and Cardinal Anthony Olubunmi Okogie, the first Esan Catholic Cardinal of Nigeria.

Amb Princess Asha Okojie, known as “Africa’s Oprah Winfrey,” plays several roles. She is a business and health consultant in the area of management, entrepreneurship, finance, information technology, HR and human development, including legal, and regulatory policies, CEO of AfriQtalk LLC, a PR, branding, consulting, event management, multimedia services, and trade facilitation company with a reputation for strategic alliances, co-branding, marketing, sponsorship partnerships, executive management and leadership training in public and private sectors.

She is the Founder of FACE (Festival of Arts, Culture & Expo) Honors and Global Leadership initiatives, a cultural organization that creates awareness of individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to service and humanity in Africa and African diaspora, President and CEO, African Legislatives and Executive Forum, a platform for state legislators, executives and private sector leaders to network, exchange ideas for effective public policy and good governance.

Under her leadership, AfriQtalk handled media and communications consulting for the Nigeria consulate in Atlanta, Georgia when Geoffrey Teneilabe served as the former ambassador and consul general for the 17 states and territories in the Southeast, in 2013, co-hosted President Obama’s Young African Leaders Summit (YALI), in Atlanta, Georgia, 2014. Collaborated with the African Business Round Table and the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the UN to host the UN Security Conference in New York, where former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo made the keynote speech, in addition to covering President Muhammadu Buhari’s first trip to Washington, D.C., in 2015.

Amb Princess Asha Okojie has consistently demonstrated the drive, vision, and commitment necessary to be recognized as one of the best. She was one of the first female media figures in the African diaspora to transform traditional television news and entertainment through online blog radio and YouTube talk show channel, spreading awareness of the African vibrant cultures, entertainment, music, ideological diversity, and entrepreneurial ingenuity of Africa while collaborating with cultural organizations to promote African artists in African communities in the U.S. She is a visionary leader who thinks creatively and unconventionally.

Amb. Princess Asha Okojie has provided support for numerous local events in the United States, among which are hosted by the Georgia Senate Chambers, Carter Center, former Mayor Kasim Reed’s office of international affairs, Houston’s Oil Technology Conference (OTC), Washington, DC’s Annual Export and Import Bank Conference (EXIM), and many other high-profile organizations have benefited from her high-profile media coverage. Included in this are media advice for CNN, The Dr. Phil Show, VHI, and other media sources.

She is regarded as one of Africa’s up-and-coming leaders in the diaspora who has consistently demonstrated the drive, vision, and commitment necessary to be recognized as one of the best. She was elected into Stanford Who is Who, U.S.A, an organization of exclusive group of chosen executives, professionals, and businesspeople around the globe, as a result of her remarkable achievements.

She has worked with a few select organizations and international communities in promoting African arts, entertainment, and culture to encourage policies for the return of stolen artifacts and revitalization of heritage sites in Africa. She was nominated as the 2018 cultural ambassador for the United States by the Edo State Ministry of Arts, Culture, Tourism, and Diaspora Affairs to advance cultural understanding between Edo State and the U.S.

Her humanitarian work, activisms against female genital mutilation, gender inequality and child marriage, including charitable efforts and engagement with women and youth have been recognized both locally and internationally where she frequently gives back her time assisting the poor, needy, disadvantaged and those who are less fortunate. In 2017 she was conferred UN Ambassador for her philanthropic activities and humanitarian work with women, children and youths in Africa.

Amb. Princess Asha Okojie was the first and youngest African woman entrepreneur to own and operate the first African cuisine restaurant (Fashwill Kitchens) in Miami, Florida. Later, the eatery relocated to College Park, Georgia, where it catered to prominent African athletes including former NBA player Hakeem Olajuwon. According to Amb Princess Asha “Family values and faith in God creates the energy that keeps her humbled and motivated”.

Her captivating blogs have been cited as academic references in the U.S. Her remarkable efforts in promoting African culture, entrepreneurship, and entertainment through her Talk Show platform has won numerous accolades and honors. She has supported research into traditional alternative treatments for sickle cell disease in Africa through her philanthropic initiatives. In her free time, she enjoys mentoring young women and girls, creating motivational quotes, photojournalism, and doing some travel.

She holds an B.S. in Health Information Management, and Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Co-chairman of THINKWEST Initiative (TWI), Nigeria, a board member of the International Forum for Sickle-Celled in the Diaspora (INFORSID), a member of the Women Empowerment Network (WOENET), a member of the Nigerian advisory committee, a stakeholder member of the former Nigerian Diaspora Diagnostic & Trauma Foundation (NDDTF), and a member of the National Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists (NAMAS) a member of American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC), American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) U.S.A, Member, and American society for industrial security, U.S.A

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