About Us



AfriQtalk is a Limited Liability Company, incorporated in the State of Georgia, since 2010. It was founded on the ideas that Africans in the diasporas are introducing their own vibrant cultures, entertainment, music, ideological diversity, and entrepreneurial ingenuity, infused with new influences from their environment, to achieve sustainable success by bringing your world closer.

Since 2010, AfriQtalk has developed a well-earned business reputation in promoting tourism, culture, hospitality, human capacity development and business opportunities, between civil society, primary, secondary and tertiary private/public sectors of Nigeria and the United States by providing expert guidance on trade and investment facilitation, exhibitions, PR, multimedia services, corporate event management, conferences, training and workshops with the aim of promoting, good governance, security, trade and investment cooperation for economic growth and development.

AfriQtalk Consult provide services in the area of PR, media, corporate event management, trade promotion and facilitation firm with the aim of promoting, good governance, security, cultural diplomacy, entertainment, trade and investment cooperation for economic growth and development. We focus on customized business development plan, branding architecture, exchange programs and ethnic marketing.

With our team of experienced industry professionals, we provide consultancy and support government partners, organizations and agencies, promote foreign direct investment and public private partnerships, between international and diplomatic communities, civil society, public and private sectors.


To engage civil society and government partners in economic community development initiatives, capacity building, leadership and cultural exchanges to harness Africa’s economy and African Diaspora potentials for global competitive advantage.


To promote good governance and best practice sharing in private and public sectors of government, industries, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, IT, institutions and businesses for sustainable economic growth and development.

Why AfriQtalk?

We collaborate and partner with selected organizations, government agencies, consulates/embassies, artistes, celebrities, public figures, thought/community leaders, including private and public sectors, to promote exploratory business/fact finding missions, parliamentarian exchanges, hospitality, tourism, trade and investment opportunities, through cultural activities, festivals, entertainment, conferences, summits, symposiums, workshop, and outreach programs.

AfriQtalk understands the diverse ethnic communities in Africa, and US African Buying Power, which is estimated at $835 Billion, bigger than the GDP of 120 countries in the world, and recognize business opportunities in the African Immigrant population in the United States’ 38.5 million self identified members of the African diaspora, where 1.5 million African immigrants reside. Our goal is to reposition Africa in the 21st century by bridging the development and educational gap.

We brand, and tailor to the needs of our clients by identifying a diverse range of public relations initiatives with key corporate influencers, organizations, institutions,  and business communities.