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Harlem’s Nnamdi Okonkwo Nigerian Sculpturist


THREE WOMEN FRIENDS Sculpture by Nnamdi Okonkwo, Harlem, New York City

“Three Friends” is a sculpture by the Nigerian born Nnamdi Okonkwo that currently resides at the front of Fifth Avenue on the Park, a condominium building in Harlem.
Nigerian sculptor Nnamdi Okonkwo created this monumental sculpture that stands outside of Fifth Avenue on the Park, a condominium building in Harlem area of New York City.

The condominium overlooks Marcus Garvey Park and is located at 120th Street and Fifth Avenue. This bronze sculpture was installed in July of 2010 and truly beautifies the front of the building and the entire area.

The following words from the sculptor:

I believe that life is not ordinary, but that there is a heroic, monumental, and divine capacity to the human spirit. Sculpture is an avenue for me to express this beauty and nobility that is inherent in humanity. In short, I seek for the sublime in the emotions and feelings, which my figures evoke. I have chosen the female form to portray this magnificence of the soul, because in my indigenous culture, womanhood is venerated, and “mother is supreme.”

I believe that the noble virtues such as serenity, love, hope, humility, charity, and inner strength, which enable us to face and transcend the adversities of life, are best exemplified in womanhood. The voluminous shapes are aesthetically pleasing and intoxicating to me, but they also serve to emphasize the largeness of soul of womanhood.

Born in Eastern Nigeria in 1965, Nnamdi is the first of three sons. He currently reside in Fayetteville, Georgia with his  wife and three children. After obtaining a Degree in painting in Nigeria, basketball became the avenue for Nnamdi to come to the United States because of his height.

He was recruited by BYU-Hawaii where he played from 1989-1993, and graduated with a BFA in Sculpture. After which he enrolled in the graduate program at BYU-Provo and received an MFA degree in sculpture in 1997.  His work is represented in galleries across the country, and can be seen in individual and public sculpture gardens as well.




Bez Idakula Set To Take America By Storm

Bez Idakula Africa’s John Legend is set to take  America by storm with his style of music. He’s one artist that sure knows how to promote and brand himself. The name Bez is steadily becoming a household name in the U.S entertainment industry. He recently, kicked off  a U.S tour by showcasing in places such as SOBs in New York, The Apple Store, in Soho. He will be featured as a guest on Society HAE, live radio broadcast on May 22nd, 2012, ending his tour May 23rd at the Shrine in Harlem, New York.

He was also the first African artiste to premiere a music video on BET International’s “106 & Park” for his hit single “That Stupid Song”. When I first heard  his songs of love, vocal prowess and saw his masterful guitar playing, it reminded me of John Legend. This charismatic young man with his five man band plays intimate acoustic. Bez has opened up for international acts like Tuface, Mike Aremu, South African based Judith Sephuma Asa, Angie Stone, Yolanda Brown, Nneka, and M.I.

The video ‘More You’ single is one of my favorite. Bez is a young rising singer, songwriter and guitarist from Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Born on November 10, 1983, Bez makes alternative soul, a combination of soul, jazz and R&B music.He was educated at Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja and Covenant University, where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Information Technology. Bez is an amazing performer and a talented young man.