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What is in your seed?

What is in your seed? To get ahead in life, you must plant what you desire to reap. If you plant tomatoes, you will reap tomato harvest. If you plant apples, you will have an apple harvest. If you plant kindness, you will receive a wave of kindness for we reap what we sow. ~

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Love Remains Constant

The feeling of love remains constant, always growing. Sometimes new love can be the most exciting, like meeting that special someone or having a baby, your mind processes them over and over again. When old love fades, you may have drown in your quest for career, money, family, even happiness.  Always, love yourself first, unselfishly! And take some time off, it will allow love to rain in your life again. Otherwise, it wasn’t meant to be.

~ Princess Asha


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The Right Kind of Love?

When one finds the right kind of love, it’s a beautiful experience. Love is the foundation of life and the bed rock of romance. Love is so passionate, yet it’s a force to recon with. Love is the engine that fuels our very soul. Love is all that truly matters because it’s never a missed opportunity, if you’ve missed it once, it will eventually find you when you least expect. ~ Princess Asha

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