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ATAT TV Coming Soon

ATAT  TV  ‘To Know Africa is To Love Africa’

ATAT TV  the 1st African Network in South East, GA that focus on celebrating and promoting the culture of Africa, while connecting with global youth culture. AfriQtalk African Treasures TV (ATAT) brings you closer to Africa. A contemporary African network, showcasing Africa in a positive light. ATAT TV, the pride of Africa and Africans in the Diasporas, committed to  to empowering the next generation in the 21st century.

ATAT TV present programs that are multicultural. We are fully focus on delivering programs that are educative, informative, promotes cultural awareness, entertaining and culturally enriching. We provide advertising campaign for your business and events, rates are affordable for every business that has a budget to advertise for a month, 3 months, six months, nine months and/or a year’s deal.

ATAT TV offers sponsorship package that is suitable for you. We advertise your business and provide the publicity needed.  Please do not hesitate to call us or email us for further inquiries at n.africandiasporas@yahoo.com. We’re here to serve you.

Young At Heart Poetry Vol 3 – Shadows of You

Shadows of You

Shadows of you, dark and beautiful in color, it can be small, huge and tall

Shadows of you, different in shapes, it can be big, slim and fat

Shadows of you, solid by nature, it can be scary, funny, and shady

Shadows of you, unique, it can impersonate you and the things you do

Shadows of you, appears and disappears slowly but never can you catch up to it

Shadows of you, a companion that never leaves when you are down and lonely

Shadows of you, a friend that walks quietly with you throughout life’s journey and beyond

~ Princess Asha Okojie

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