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AfriQtalk Show Presents Nigeria Speaks THE ROAD TO RECOVERY Special Edition 3/26/2011 – AfriQtalk | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio


AfriQtalk Show is about bridging cultural diversity. I’ll be hosting Nigeria Speaks “THE ROAD TO RECOVERY” A Special Edition on 03/27/2011. The aim is to engage you in a meaningful dialogue and bring awareness to the public about Politics in Africa. I’ll be joined by Ralph Odua, CEO of Nigeria Political, Ralph Odua a political commentator and publisher of nigeriapolitico, an online newspaper based in New York. Ralph Odua is is a New York State licensed public school teacher, a Phd student of public administration specializing in homeland security, was the publisher of the first Esan newspaper, ESANNOW. Ralph Odua is also, a member of Association of American public administrators and Alpha Alpha USA. My second guest is Dr. Olayiwola Ajileye, a Medical doctor specialized in Psychiatry and Mental Health in the United Kingdom. He is an alumnus of the School of Public Policy, Birmingham University, UK and holds Certificate in Health Insurance Development from the Chartered Institute of Insurance, London. He is currently the CEO, Valor Health Options, A health Management and Clinical Development company based in Birmingham. He is the Media and Publicity Coordinator of Champions for Nigeria, A Global Organization that promotes good governance, Leadership, public accountability and commitment to Democracy in Nigeria. He has authored many published articles and commentaries on Social Policy and Politics with reference to Nigeria Political situations. We’ll be discussing Nigerian Politics from two different perspective. The focus will be on Youth Development. You don’t want to miss it. My people, Let’s Talk Africa. Yes’oh! One love.