Why Nigerian Professionals in the Diaspora want to establish a Diagnostic & Trauma Center in Nigeria


Nigerian Professionals in the Diaspora have come together to establish a healthcare facility that will save lives, empower better-informed healthcare decisions, and reduce the rates of preventable mortality in Nigeria, using their expertise, and experiences already gained in the U.S .

Out of sheer concern for the millions of medically under-served Nigerians who suffer needlessly, and even die due to curable and preventable illnesses. The facility will help with early prevention, and life saving techniques that could save lives, and reduce the morality rate in Nigeria.

The idea to bring hope and possibly save lives was initiated during the 2013 Atlanta chapter of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organizations in the Americas conference, (NIDOA) in partnership with the Consulate of Nigeria, Atlanta, under the leadership of Amb. Geoffery Teneilabe.  The project has brought Nigerians in the diaspora together in determining the future of healthcare situation in Nigeria for a common cause to “Save lives, one at a time”.

At the first Stakeholders’ monthly meeting held in Roswell, GA. Amb. Geoffrey Teneilabe, Amb. Adebowale Adefuye, and Amb. Habib Habu, New York, pledged to support the effort to advance the role of Nigerians in Diaspora in building an outstanding Medical facility in Abuja, Nigeria.

“We came together to set up a committee to allow Nigerian professionals to contribute immensely to the establishment of a Center of Medical Excellence, built by Nigerians. “I must tell you that virtually everyone that I have spoken to so far on the project has indicated interest to contribute and give back to their fatherland, said Ambassador Teneilabe.

The President of  the Nigeria Diaspora Diagnostic & Trauma Foundation (NDDTF), Prof. Martin Okafor on behalf of the Management Board and Members of the foundation, thanked the three Ambassadors of the Consulate General of Nigeria, Atlanta, New York, and Embassy of Nigeria in Washington DC for their encouragements, contributions, and continued support, since the deliberation of the establishment of the project started in May 2014.

It is worth to mention that the Consulate of Nigeria in Atlanta hosted, and facilitated NDDFT’s first maiden meeting, March 23, 2014 as well as all subsequent stakeholders’ meetings of the project, including; The secretariate, sponsorship and other logistics, since its conception in 2014.

The Nigeria Diaspora Diagnostic Trauma Foundation (NDDTF) and Nigeria Diaspora Diagnostic Trauma Center (NDDTC) are non-profit organizations both which were founded in 2014 with the committed support of the Consulates- General of Nigeria, New York, Atlanta, and the Embassy of Nigeria, Washington DC creating an enabling platform of unprecedented collaboration of Nigerian organizations, entrepreneurial groups, and small businesses as board members and stakeholders.

An International Conference on Tropical Health, and Fund Raising Gala will be held on March 21, 2015 at Holiday Inn, Atlanta/Roswell 909 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell, GA 30076. An event organized by the Nigeria Diaspora Diagnostic & Trauma Foundation (NDDTF) stakeholders.

For more info about the conference go to the event page on Facebook or  you can visit the website for additional details.